AirSnore Mouthpiece Review – A Way to Peaceful Sleep!

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Imagine having a busy day and you are so exhausted by the end of the day that you just want to be in your bed and doze off but instead of getting a sound sleep, you sleep lightly and get disturbed many times due to your snoring problem.

Well, snoring can be a nightmare not just for the other person who is sleeping next to the snorer but for the snorer too. While the other person couldn’t sleep due to the noises a snorer makes while sleeping but it also affects the snorer.

Snoring can result in sleep deprivation which can have a negative effect on the human body resulting in getting tired and exhausted throughout the day, reduces concentration, chronic degenerative diseases, and in worst cases, it can result in anxiety and depression.

While the snoring problem might seem very little at first but as time passes it can have a bad effect on your body as well as on your partner’s body and that is when snoring becomes a big problem.

Nobody likes snoring but more than that nobody wants to sleep next to a person who is a snorer. So, if you or your partner is a hard-core snorer then this article is just for you as we have the solution in hand for you i.e., AirSnore is a saviour to your sleepless nights.

But before we dig into what AirSnore is, let’s know more about snoring and what causes it.

Snoring and Its Effects

Snoring causes a person to make weird noises while asleep when the air passes through the mouth and nose gets blocked. However, the sound can be dim or very loud that can disturb others also. It becomes a nuisance for the snorer’s partner and can affect the snorer in the long term.

Snoring is a habit of many people and the reasons can be different for each individual. Although some might have serious health issues that cause them to snore.

Causes of Snoring:

  • Blocked nasal airways
  • Being overweight results in bulky throat tissues
  • Drugs or alcohol consumption
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Sleeping position
  • A long soft palate/vulva can narrow the opening from the nose to mouth, which vibrates and blocks the airways.
  • The poor muscle tone of the throat or tongue

If not the above cases, then a person might have a sleep disorder called Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). But remember that not all snorers have OSA.

Snoring can turn into a chronic disease over time and result in many health-related issues, such as:

  • Drowsiness in daytime
  • Headaches
  • Reduces concentration
  • Getting more prone to accidents due to less sleep
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Anger issues

Now that you know what causes snoring and the effects it can have on your body, it is better to treat the problem of snoring with Airsnore.


Airsnore is an anti-snoring two-way system that helps you with reducing your snoring so that you can get a peaceful sleep. It is manufactured by a health and wellness company named Wolfson Berg Limited, known for producing FDA-approved health products.

Airsnore offers two products to help you in snoring:

1. Airsnore mouthpiece

It is a mandibular advancement device (MDA), designed in such a way that it helps in reducing snoring. It is a mouthpiece that is physically put in the mouth and helps in opening the airways.

2. Airsnore drops

It is a formulation of many ingredients that helps with peaceful sleep and clear congestion.

Let’s know about both the products separately.

Airsnore Mouth Piece

Airsnore mouthpiece is an MDA, anti-snoring device. The mouthpiece consists of an inner thermoplastic layer that can be moulded according to one’s mouth size and an outer hard layering of plastic. The materials used in manufacturing are medically approved and Bisphenol A (BPA) free.

Airsnore Mouth Piece

This device comes in only one size but with a feature of the boil and bite i.e., the device is adjustable because of its soft inner layering which can be moulded to achieve a particular size while the piece is boiled in water. These features also enable you to change the size as many times as you want.

This feature makes Airsnore stand out in the market as the other anti-snoring devices come with one size fits all, which is kind of absurd as everyone has a different mouth shape and size.

Another feature that makes the Airsnore mouthpiece popular amongst the customers is that the front part of the mouthpiece has a breathing hole that makes it easy for the mouth to breathe. This feature is particularly beneficial for people who have congestion problems, deviated septum, or nasal polyps.

For these people breathing from the nose becomes hard so the mouthpiece provides them with an alternative to breathe from the mouth. The mouthpiece also acts as a gum shield covering the front part of the teeth.

How to Use Airsnore Mouthpiece?

Below are the steps to use the mouthpiece:

  • Soak the mouthpiece in the hot water
  • Leave it for 5 -7 minutes
  • Take it out from the hot water and place it on a clean surface to let it cool down
  • Don’t forget to brush your teeth before fitting the mouthpiece in your mouth.
  • After the mouthpiece gets cooled, put it inside your mouth and bite it lightly.
  • Allow the inner thermoplastic layer of the mouthpiece to settle in your mouth and take the shape accordingly, at least 1 minute is required to perfectly mold.
  • Take the mouthpiece out and let it set.

At first, you’ll feel uncomfortable while using it but daily usage will help you get comfortable with it. After a few days, you’ll get a hand on it. So, there’s no need to worry if you feel uneasy at first.

And if by any chance the contours of your mouth change, you can always remould it by using the above steps.

How does it work?

When you put the mouthpiece in your mouth, it helps you in moving your jaw that will subsequently open the airways which will result in improved breathing and let you sleep peacefully by stopping you from snoring.

It protects the gum and keeps the tongue and mandible in a forward position. It positions the lower jaw forward that prevents the muscles of one’s throat from completely blocking the airways and creates enough space for you to take in and out the air from your lungs.

To complement the work of the mouthpiece there are additional Airsnore drops. To have a great experience you can go with the combo that includes the mouthpiece and the Airsnore drops.

Airsnore Drops

The mouthpiece can work and help you with snoring while you sleep but the problem is what if you are not able to sleep in the first place? What if your sleep cycle has been disturbed due to workload or other reasons?

Airsnore Drops

And if you are having a cold or cough and facing congestion due to blocked airways then it is likely to not sleep properly. There are other medicines too but they work differently by relaxing the muscles of your neck which can further lead to snoring. 

This is when Airsnore drops come to your rescue, the drop is a blend of different natural oils that have a soothing effect on your body, also having antiseptic properties to help with the flu and prevent you from snoring at night.

The drops help in clearing the airways and help you breathe without any discomfort and let you have sound sleep. You can use drops in the following ways:

  • Put 3-4 drops on your chest (and rub), under the nostrils before sleeping. Even without using the mouthpiece, you’ll feel relieved.
  • Put 3-4 drops on your chest (and rub), under the nostrils alongside the mouthpiece before sleeping will help you sleep peacefully.

Airsnore drops are formulated using natural oils that have a soothing effect on your body, let’s have a look at those ingredients


The Airsnore drops have 5 essential natural oils:

  • Lavender Oil: Lavender oil i.e., Lavandula Angustifolia Flower Oil has many benefits and especially helps in improving the sleep cycle (also used to treat insomnia). It has antibacterial properties that help in relieving congestion, loosening mucus, and which further helps with keeping clear the airways.

    Lavender Oil has a unique smell and soothing effect that is often used in treating depression and anxiety.
  • Sunflower Seed Oil: Sunflower seed oil or Helianthus Annus Seed Oil is rich in vitamin E that helps in skin-soothing. This oil is the source of tryptophan that helps in curing mild depression and insomnia.

    Sunflower seed oil gets easily absorbed by the human body and plays the role of a carrier for other natural oils of Airsnore Drops into the body.
  • Peppermint Leaf Oil: Also known as Mentha Piperita Leaf Oil works as a decongestant agent by clearing the airways and unclogging the blocked sinus. This oil works as a natural painkiller and relaxant which helps in soothing a sore throat and aching muscles.
  • Eucalyptus Leaf Oil: Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Oil helps in clearing nasal and sinus congestion as well as controls the symptoms of asthma. The oil helps in reducing the inflammation of the mucus membrane in the respiratory tract.

    The oil has vasodilation properties i.e., helps in dilating the blood vessels and allowing more oxygen to flow into the lungs, and easing the breathing process.
  • Scots Pine Leaf Oil: Scots pine leaf oil or Pinus Sylvestris Leaf Oil helps in losing up and clearing the mucus as well as the phlegm in the lungs. This oil has pain-relieving properties and soothes a sore throat. It is also used in curing insomnia. 

Pros and Cons


  • Helps in decongesting the airways
  • Help with stopping the snoring
  • Easy breathing
  • Sleep peacefully
  • Instant result
  • Helps with depression or anxiety
  • Improves the mood
  • Comes with 60 days guarantee


  • The mouthpiece can be uncomfortable for few customers
  • Some might hate the smell of the drops
  • Drooling increases due to mouthpiece

Where to buy it?

To you the Airsnore you can go to their official website, which offers you:

  • Airsnore Mouthpiece: $53.07  $49.95
  • Airsnore Combo: $119.49 $89.95
  • Airsnore Drops: $54.95  $44.9

Currently, the site is offering a few offers and you can save some bucks. Also, the shipping is fast and free.


Are you tired of hearing people complain about your snoring habit and feel frustrated then Airsnore is the best option for you? No extra money for doctors or getting surgery when you can have the solution in a very less amount. Airsnore comes with a no-prescription policy i.e., it doesn’t require any doctor’s prescription for you to start using it. And the company provides you with NDA-approved products. To help you with the snoring problem and light sleep you can go for the combo and enjoy a sound sleep.

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