The 7 Best Home Exercise Equipment for Weight Loss

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You think of losing weight, and you see unmanageable diets, sweaty sessions, calorie restrictions, and endless trips to your workout place. What if I tell you instead of going to the gym you could bring it to your home and save time and money.

You must have seen people who have transformed themselves, and the role weight loss has played in their life. An aura of a person appears to be more pleasant when they get their daily dose of endorphins from the exercise. You must dedicate some part of your busy life to work out, be it in the gym, or be at your place.

For most people, it is difficult even to take that first step, the lack of motivation to hop into your car and arrive at the gym is one of the causes for people not to work out.

Home Exercise Equipment for Weight Loss

We have listed some of the equipment customized for the home workout, which will help you lose weight and improve your overall health. Let’s hop on!

1. Treadmill:

When we are at the initial stages, the primary thing that comes in our mind is walking and jogging. These are the things you can do to burn your calories and escalate your metabolism. It plays the role of a staple in all the gyms you see; there is a good reason for it. 

Of all the goals that you set for yourself, weight loss and calorie burning can be best made by this equipment. It can stimulate our day to day movement; a treadmill helps you to start your workout and ease you into it.

People prefer a treadmill over any equipment because it does the job efficiently than others.


  • Sorted inclination, the comfortable speed, all can be adjusted quickly
  • A high-calorie burner workout can be done easily using this machine
  • You can multitask while being on the treadmill


  • Can be boring for people who hate doing something daily or in a routine
  • Can be a costly investment for a lot of people 

2. Rowing Machine:

When it comes to hitting a total body workout rowing machine does the job beyond expectations. Your lower and upper body is stimulated by this piece of equipment like no other home tool. It is crafted on the concept of rowing a boat, like a treadmill; this burns a lot of calories, as it engages every part of your body.

This machine can help people increase the morale of overweight people and just begin to ease into the workout routine. This can be a good starter; it is easy and customizable according to your comfortability. This cares for your joints because the exercise is done sitting only.

You can get creative about the rowing machine, use this piece of equipment for high-intensity interval training, or do Tabata exercises to get the best of it. You can try for a moderate amount of weight and then go about the end of it.


  • Engages in all the body parts
  • Less investment and more gain in terms of time
  • Folding machines are available too
  • Available under $1000


  • The form must be exquisite for better results
  • Limited variety of exercises possible

3. Stationary Bike:

This equipment makes the workout fun, and it is a great way to insert a quick cardiovascular workout in your busy time. You can easily afford to buy a stationary bike because it is much cheaper than a treadmill and elliptical machine, so it proves to be a bonus sometimes. 

This is the best equipment a user can get, who is just getting started and does not know where to go. For people who have just had a mishap in their life and trying to recover from it, a stationary bike would be an excellent option. Nowadays, they have these advanced models which provide a ready interval training program for you, so you know how to use your whole time on a stationary bike.

You can also do some reading and listen to music while cycling; this breaks the session’s monotony. It is designed so that your lower back will not be strained, and the pressure on the knees is minimal. You must have seen some variation in the machine, and now the moving side handle comes with it, which will work on your upper body. So the intensity is maintained well, and fat-blasting takes the front seat.


  • Can burn a lot of calories in a short time
  • You can take it to your front porchImpact wise this stationary bike is excellent
  • With the newest model with moving side handles, you can easily target both lower and upper bodies
  • One size fits all


  • You cannot expect any variety in the exercise on a stationary bike, but reading and listening to music will make the time bearable

4. Elliptical Machines:

If you target your lower body than the upper, then the elliptical machine is the best option. It can activate almost every lower body part, including thighs, calves, and glutes. If you use it the way it should be used, you will notice that the core is also working when you are on elliptical machines so that the full effective body workout can be done on this machine. 

The workouts are pretty smooth and fluid on the machine; any jerk and fear of tear are carefully eliminated. We mean that your joints, such as knees, ankles, or hips, are safe when you are on an elliptical machine. You can feel almost no pressure at all on the joints.

But the whole workout is done by standing, so the amounts of calories you burn are tremendous. If you feel that the exercise is getting more comfortable, adjust the settings on the machine, and increase the resistance to make the workout more challenging. This can lead to burning more calories and building your muscles also. 

Nowadays, high-end touch screen models are available in the market, which tells you the health statistics of your body and guide you through the whole workout.


  • This is one of the best low impact category machines, which will help the beginners build their morale first
  • The risk of injury while on the elliptical machine is minimal; you can target most of the body parts without the fear of getting into an accident
  • High-end screens will tell you about the heart rate and calories burned, the session’s time and the speed of the pedal
  • Multitasking can quickly be done on the machine
  • It can be a good finisher at the end of your workout session


  • The elliptical machine’s price is on the heavy side. Yes, it is a significant investment, but you can see it is worth it
  • It offers some tedious and monotonous workouts, and it can get annoying sometimes. But multitasking can eliminate the boredom

5. Stairmaster:

This is as good as it can get; this is a fast-moving elevator but stagnant in one place. This is based on the concept of climbing stairs, but the steps move in one place only. This is often described as a treadmill but with the steps. This is considered one of the strenuous exercises in the cardiovascular section. One thing this equipment makes sure of is that the weight loss, and that too in the form of fat loss. You can set the record of climbing N number of stairs. 

The basic thing is you are working against the force of gravity; you are made to bear your weight and climb the stairs so that the calorie burns are tremendous as compared to an elliptical trainer. You need to lift your leg from one platform to another. Your feet stay on the platform in the case of an elliptical trainer. That little gap of moving your feet to the above platform takes most of your energy and calories.

This equipment is one of the best pieces to lose weight. It also uses much of your core, hence developing a strong base is one of its functions. Its work is to burn calories, but it also provides strength to your whole body balance.


  • Installation is way easy as compared to other cardiovascular pieces of equipment
  • New models will help you with the numbers of calories burned and time spent on the workout
  • It is helpful to build your behind toned and shapely, and then the staircase master is the machine for you
  • Full lower body workout is done using it, including calves, glutes, hamstrings, and quads
  • In just 30 minutes, this machine is capable of burning almost 300 calories, that’s a good return on investment


  • This is a bit pricey piece of equipment, which shows how much quality it can give in terms of calorie burn
  • A routine can be dull when exercising on Stairmaster

6. Resistance Bands:

Along with the machines and dumbbells, one more piece of equipment you should include in your collection of home gym tools is the Resistance bands. If you notice you will see that in a gym, this equipment is lying around in one of the corners without being used. Many times people don’t seem to know how to use it properly. People have little knowledge of how the resistance bands would help them lose weight and improve their overall health. People in gyms easily overlook them.

If you do triceps and cable rows, you are already applying concepts used in resistance bands exercises. This is the most versatile piece of equipment; if you want to build strength it is useful, if mobility is your focus then it can be used, it can also help you work on the older shoulder injury which has been bugging you since forever.

If you know how to make use of them, then the benefit is almost double. Resistance bands are divided into six levels of range. Level 1 is the easiest to stretch, and level 6 is the most difficult.


  • Portability is one of the best features of resistance bands. It can be folded and put into your pockets, so you can start stretching anywhere you feel
  • The variety of exercises it can offer is impeccable; both upper and lower body muscles can be developed by resistance bands if appropriately usedJoint mobility can be improved with the help of it
  • The rehabilitation process involves resistance bands, be it shoulder injury, knee, or hip joints
  • If you want to make your weight lifting more challenging, you just need to attach the resistance bands at the end of the weights, and you are done


  • They do not provide the resistance the heavyweights or weight machines can provide
  • If the quality of the bands is compromised, it could lead to an injury when it snaps
  • Though it is cheap, the return of investment is pretty low

7. Multifunctional Home Gym Station:

The type of versatility that the Multifunctional Home Gym station (MHGS) provides is incomparable. If you are a gym fanatic but have a little time on your hand and lack the space, you should go for MHGS. More than one person can get the benefit of the gym station at the same time. 

You don’t have to separate the parts or wait for the other person to finish. In a small footprint, you can install this station and start right away. You will also be able to target almost every muscle, saving money and time.

If you want the intensity and resistance as that of the gym, you can avail yourself it with MHGS. You don’t need to purchase all those expensive pieces of equipment. It can go all the way up to 16 stations at the most. See the variety it can provide. This beast of a machine will fulfil your need to be a professional bodybuilder and within the budget and space available to you.

Exercises such as push, pull, rotate, squat, hinge, and lunge could be achieved by only one set-up of the gym station. People prefer machines over free weights because the tension that it gives to the muscles is unparalleled.


  • Strength training is now easy with Multifunctional Home Gym Station. With the help of excellent resistance and tension, you can seriously think about going professional
  • It saves the space a lot, rather than giving a whole room to it, and one corner is enough to install the setup
  • You can also save the trips to the gyms, so time is saved
  • The overall price of all the types of equipment is much more than this compact home gym station. In a way, you are getting a bonus


  • This gym station will not be able to make happy customers who add cardio to their workout routine. This machine does not provide an option for cardio
  • One more con we think is the price of it, it could be expensive in totality, but not as much as the separate equipment

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Does the manual come with the equipment?

Yes, explaining all the procedures regarding the use and set-up will be provided. You can also go on the official site for the instructions of assembly and more information. On the official YouTube channel, you will be able to see the various exercises that you can perform with the equipment.

Can we also opt for the installation guy?

Yes, if you come across difficulty while setting up, you have the option of opting for a technician who will get the process done in no time. He is chargeable, though.

Are there any extra accessories provided with the delivery?

All the necessary accessories will be provided with the equipment, but no extra ones will be there. You will have to order it.

Final Words

With such an ever-increasing concern about staying fit and healthy, the majority of the population has already started relying on many home exercise equipment. While searching for these commodities in the market, you are surely going to get confused. But, if you have read the above-mentioned information, you won’t have to worry now! It’s time for you to take out some time from your monotonous and busy schedule and start losing weight with no hassle!

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