Non-Surgical Eyelift – Fix Droopy Eyelids Without Surgery

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Do you have droopy and hooded eyelids? Chances are it is hereditary and may get worse with age. It can have various psychological setbacks in one’s personality or not let you enjoy wearing eye makeup. Besides, droopy eyelids can make you look older than your actual age, and there is not much you can do about it. You may wonder if a surgical eye lift is worth all the hassle to get your lids in shape. Well, hold that thought until you learn about Contours Rx’ LIDS BY DESIGN.

Those who struggle with hooded eyelids have excess skin over the lashes, which can give a tired look to the eyes. As the skin’s elasticity reduces with age, it may lead to impaired vision and other mental issues such as low self-esteem. Dealing with this situation daily may turn out to be frustrating when you don’t like the way you see yourself in the mirror. Also, getting surgical correction may not be for everyone as it is invasive and not always successful.

Contours Rx’ LIDS BY DESIGN ensures that you have bigger and bolder eyes every day. These are technologically advanced corrective adhesive strips that open up the eyes in a few seconds. With these strips, you may never think about invasive surgery again and enjoy beautiful eyelids confidently. All you need to do is decide a thickness corresponding to your eyes and apply these strips. Let’s learn about these eyelid lifting strips in detail to transform your looks as per your desire.

All About Contours Rx’ LIDS BY DESIGN

Contours Rx LIDS BY DESIGN are medical-grade PE adhesive tapes that stick to create bigger eyelids. These strips eliminate the natural droop in the eyelid and leave you with more lid space. The glue in the strips easily comes off and does not leave any residue on the skin. In case you are wondering about any skin reactions, the strips are breathable enough.


These strips are free from latex and harmful chemicals; they are hypoallergenic, making them suitable for all skin types. You may choose from different sizes and trim them as per your eye shape for a custom fit. They come with tweezers for an easy application, so you do not need to worry about any messes. Besides, these are easy to apply and so much better than surgical options.

Different Methods to Fix Droopy Eyelids

The method of the non-surgical eyelid is a safer and convenient solution instead of a surgery that may have a recovery period of a few weeks. You can enjoy a lifted lid look without going under the knife. It is way less scary than a surgeon cutting into your eyelids to remove the excess skin. Moreover, you may need to understand the risks involved in the surgery, such as soreness, bleeding, numbness, and swelling.

It may even lead to dry eye syndrome and not repair the eyelid area fully. If you are elderly, under eighteen years of age, or pregnant, the surgery may not be suggested to you. You may develop higher side effects and be on the riskier side if you take blood thinners. Apart from this, surgical eyelift may not work for you if you have had unsuccessful wrinkle reduction treatments in the past. With so many limitations, surgical eye lift is not the best solution for droopy eyelids.

Some other solutions for droopy eyelids may be Botox (botulinum toxin) injections that provide temporary smoothening of wrinkles. These fillers help in pulling the eyebrow muscles to give an elevated look to the eyes and the brows. It creates a youthful appearance that lasts between three to four months. This method may not be successful as the fillers can weigh down the eyelids. Besides, it comes with complications such as reactions to the fillers and may be expensive over consecutive months.

Non-Surgical Eye Lifts for Saggy and Hooded Eyelids?

A non-surgical eye lift is an ideal solution to droopy and asymmetrical eyes. Generally, the eyelids may not be identical; however, the difference may be quite visible in some people. This droop is fixable with the help of the Contours Rx LIDS BY DESIGN adhesive strips. These strips tighten the lid area and prevent the excess skin from drooping over the eyes.

As symmetry is considered to be more pleasing to the human eye, the strips even out the droop difference in the eyes. You can easily create an illusion of symmetrical eyelids without any surgery. This non-surgical enhancement works great in improving appearance. The best thing is no scars and cutting into the skin. Moreover, it is quick and has no recovery time, so you can use it as per your needs.

You can apply these strips quickly and remove them without causing any abrasions to the skin. The instant lifting effect of these adhesive strips is way better than getting under the knife in the name of beauty. Moreover, it is cost-effective for everyday use. Contours Rx has created the revolutionary Lid by Design to make beauty enhancements within reach of common people.

Not everyone wishes to get surgeries; however, such temporary enhancements can boost confidence and give a younger look. The refreshing look will make your face look more awake and brighter all day long. These eyelid tapes have premium German manufacturing to ensure your eyes stay bright and awake throughout the day. Therefore, you do not need to reapply or fear the strips will fall off.

The product will give you full control over your looks while supporting the excess eyelid skin. Besides, it will add an instant definition to the face. It is a simple yet modern solution as a great alternative to surgery. Keep on reading to learn how a small piece of tape can create a difference between day and night in your looks.

How does Contours Rx LIDS BY DESIGN work?

You may have several questions, including the longevity, application, and visibility of the strips. These corrective strips are invisible and feel like it is not even there on your lids. You just need to touch and push them over the surface to create a perfect eyelid. Within seconds your face will appear radiant with widely opened eyes. As these are invisible, no one can tell if you are wearing them. With these strips, you can enjoy looking younger and way more confident.

LIDS Size Chart

Considering the droop and difference in your eyelids, you may choose the size closest to the effects that you desire. You can choose from subtle, mild, and dramatic variants to lift your lids. These strips will gently blend into your skin tone, so you do not need to worry about covering them up with heavy concealers.

What are the features of Lids by Design?

Since the product is in such proximity to the eyes, Contours Rx has ensured safe use for all skin types. Let’s learn more about the features of the product.

  • Medical Grade Materials: These strips are designed and tested by medical experts to make sure they are safe. The materials used are latex-free as many people have latex allergies. Moreover, it is hypoallergenic to prevent any further allergies and reactions in and around the eyes.
  • Revolutionary Design: The strips have an innovative curved design and are made in Germany so that it is consistent. They have a top-quality blend of materials for bigger and bolder eyes.
  • Instant Results: Unlike surgery and Botox, you do not need to wait for days or weeks to see the desired results. These corrective strips apply in seconds and hold the droopy lid in place until you remove them.
  • Assorted Sizes: People have different eye shapes and sizes. So the brand has incorporated it in their design and has multiple sizes ranging from 4mm to 7mm. This ensures everyone has a desirable custom size to use.
  • Invisible: The strips blend into the skin effortlessly and disappear right after application. You don’t need to worry about anyone figuring out your hacks unless you want to let them into the secret.
  • Quick and Easy Application: You just need a few seconds to apply the strips while getting ready. Even when you are rushing in the morning, just place the strips over the eyelids, and there you go with your non-surgical eyelift.
  • Affordable: These strips are one of a kind and come in an affordable pack of multiple pairs. The brand ensures quality, quantity, and pocket-friendly solutions to restore your confidence. You may find these at a discount on the official website for a better deal. It is a great bargain than spending on consecutive sessions of Botox or corrective surgeries.

Why choose adhesive strips over surgery?

It is no brainer that a surgical enhancement will require several days to recover and post-op consultation. This makes it a long-term commitment and comes with other risks such as infections and inflammation. And what if you don’t like the results? It could mean you are stuck with the unsuccessful surgically enhanced lids. Moreover, surgery may not be for everyone in terms of care and affordability.

Similarly, Botox may lead to some reactions and needs to be administered again after a few months. If you wish to avoid this scare, look no further than these reliable adhesive strips. They are not invasive to the skin and come off at the end of the day. The strips are safe and fix the droopy skin in seconds. Therefore, choosing adhesive strips over surgery may be right for you. The instant results of the strips ensure it is a no-fuss solution.

Besides, medical-grade construction and material make it safe for people of all age groups. With organic adhesives, these strips do not leave behind any sticky or irritating residue. Moreover, these are dermatologically tested to ensure you can use them worry-free. You can incorporate these in your daily wear while getting ready to start your day with enthusiasm.

Who should get these eyelid corrective strips?

This is a revolutionary product for people who have droopy and hooded eyelids. Those who have asymmetrical eyelids, which may increase more with age, may benefit from these strips. Anyone who wishes to improve the shape of their eyes should try these. If you wish to try new makeup looks and achieve surgery like eyelift in under a minute.

The strips come in different sizes to ensure you find the perfect one for you. Instead of opting for expensive Botox and surgeries, you can choose this simple method to fix the droop in your eyes. If you want to avoid permanent changes to your face but still wish to enhance your looks, these strips are a perfect solution for you.

Is the product worth your investment?

Absolutely! These strips are the only non-surgical solution to get the desired eye shape. It is better than an expensive and dangerous procedure that may not even work for everyone. Besides, you will save yourself from burning a massive hole in your pocket. These strips are a great investment, just like your makeup products, to boost your confidence with enhanced looks.

LIDS - Before and After

You can use these strips without worrying about damaging your eyes or skin, which makes it worth your money. Overall, it is an excellent product that eliminates the side effects of surgery. In addition to being safe, it is quick and accessible for everyone.

Where to buy the eyelid lifting strips?

You can order Contours Rx LIDS BY DESIGN strips from their official website. These strips come in a box of 80 for $40 only. You may choose from different sizes ranging from 3mm to 8mm. The strips with a 3mm to 5mm design will give a subtle look. On the other hand, you can achieve dramatic results with 7mm and 8mm strips. You may choose a box of assorted strips if you wish to experiment with different sizes.

How to apply the strips?

These adhesive strips are easy to apply and work in a few seconds. However, you may need to practice a little to apply them correctly. The placement of the product may require some practice, which you can do with one strip. Make sure your lid is dry and free from any makeup or moisturizer before application. You may dry your skin to remove any oil or sweat from the surface before the application.

To prep your lid, you may use the prepping pads containing Vitamin B5 and nourishing agents to ensure your skin is ready for the strip. They also help in removing bacteria and dead skin cells from the surface to promote new cell generation. These come in a pack of multiple pads and are available on the official website.

Now, identify the droopy fold of the skin that you wish to correct. Peel off the strip gently using the tweezers and directly place them over the eyelid. When removing the strip from the packaging, be careful not to damage the edges as it may not work otherwise. Press the strip for a few seconds and release the pressure. Make sure the strip has a secure bond with your skin to stay intact all day.

To remove the strips, you just need to lift one corner of the strip with your finger. Now gently pull the strip and discard it. These strips are ideal for one-time use; hence should not be reused. The package comes with multiple strips, so you have enough for everyday use. Besides, it also prevents cross-contamination and ensures you start with a new strip every day. Therefore, you do not need to store and reuse a strip.


Now you know all about the non-surgical eyelid lift, let’s learn about the pros and cons related to the product.


  • It is a non-surgical eyelift solution.
  • The strips are hypoallergenic and free from latex.
  • It is easy to use and has customizable effects.
  • There is no permanent damage to the skin in comparison to surgery.
  • You can choose from different sizes.
  • The product is affordable for daily use.
  • It looks invisible and boosts confidence.
  • You do not need to reapply for it all day.


  • The product is available only on the official website.
  • You may require some practice to apply it.

Final Words

Contours Rx’ LIDS BY DESIGN offers a non-invasive solution to droopy eyelids, which may be the best solution to look younger. As everyone is not comfortable with surgeries, these stick-on tapes provide the desired look with minimal effort. It is worth a try to enhance your looks and restore your lost confidence. You no longer need to hide your beautiful eyes from the world.

Besides, it is an affordable everyday solution that works throughout the day. You can customize the strips as per your needs and enjoy looking flawless. Choosing a non-invasive measure to get an eyelift is better than the hassle of surgeries and Botox. With the unparalleled hold of these strips, you can stay assured your eyes will sparkle as much as your personality.

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