How to Lighten Your Private Area Fast

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Are you wondering why your private parts are dark? Do you need ways to help you lighten it up? Well, you’re about to find out.

It is normal for your private areas to be dark in color as you continue to grow. However, most women find it embarrassing as their intimate areas are different in color from other visible areas. In the bid to make sure that the private areas blend with other parts of the body, this is most likely why you want to bleach it.

How to Lighten Your Private Area

Researchers have proven that the increase of sex hormones leads to pigmentation through melanin production at the adolescent stage. It is best to settle for natural measures to help in lightening your private area fast, not only is it faster but also safer than the skin whitening creams that you would find in the market. You can avoid the use of chemicals in private areas to prevent side effects.

Continue reading to find out the reasons why your intimate areas are dark and the safe remedies to use.

Why is Your Private Area Dark?

The normal color for your private areas is from deep brown to light pink, these body parts are usually dark. Here are why your intimate parts are dark:


When you wear clothes that are tight-fitting or underwear of such, it reduces the level of ventilation around your private parts which increases moisture. This causes your thighs to rub each other frequently causing friction. If your skin experiences friction, it paves the way for keratinocytes.

Keratinocytes are concerned with the production of an increasing amount of keratin in the topmost layer of the skin, they can also cause pigmentation because they have melanin. Other activities such as exercise, walking, sex, and frequent rubbing of the area can make the vagina dark.


One of the major reasons why your private areas are dark is because of your hormones. The hormone in charge of skin color is known as estrogen and it produces melanin that makes the labia dark. When there is a swift increase in estrogen levels, it causes dark pigmentation that has caused most women to seek ways to whiten their private parts. Gaining hormonal balance can help make the situation better.


Age is an inevitable life phenomenon that catches up with everybody. As you grow older, your vagina begins to have different changes that range from size, shape, and even color. The thickness of the private areas reduces with age and it gets pigmented because the fatty tissues get thinner. There’s really no remedy for age, you can only learn to enjoy the process.

Hair Removal

When you use creams or wax in your private areas, it can lead to a chemical burn especially because the vagina loses fat with age. The chemical burn makes the vagina darker as it also peels off the top layer of the skin which makes it more exposed and sensitive.


Polycystic Ovary Disease (PCOS) deals with when the ovaries give way to many immature eggs. This can cause dark patches to start appearing around the vagina, it is called acanthosis nigricans. It causes a drastic change in the color and texture of the private parts. You can reduce your intake of sugary substances to avoid an insulin spike.

Natural Ways to Lighten Dark Private Areas

Your private areas are sensitive and they must be treated with care. This is why using natural remedies to help lighten the dark areas is the best approach you can use. They include:

Comfortable Clothing

If you’re truly committed to the process of whitening your skin naturally, you would have to give up tight-fitting dresses and undergarments. When you wear comfortable clothes, it lessens the build-up of moisture around your virginal areas. This is why you need to settle for more airy, light, and comfortable clothes.

Aloe Vera Gel

This helps in soothing your skin and makes it lighter. Create a daily routine around using the aloe vera gel so your skin can remain soft and healthy. All you have to do is extract the gel from the aloe vera plant, use it in the dark area for about 30 minutes, then you can wash it off with cold water.


Yogurt is useful for you to brighten up the dark patches in your intimate parts. It also works for rashes and skin irritation making it a great choice for healthy skincare. Apply the yogurt to the dark area, keep it there for about 15 minutes, then you can wash it off with lukewarm water.

Orange Juice and Turmeric

One of the most popular remedies for skin lightening in India is turmeric. On the other hand, orange juice has acidic content that makes it an effective bleach almost like lemon. Mix a pinch of turmeric powder with orange juice, then apply it to the dark part.

Sandalwood and Orange Peel

Create a mixture using 1 tablespoon of sandalwood powder and 1 teaspoon of orange peel powder. If you want to make a smooth paste, you can decide to add 2tsps of rose water to the mixture. Afterwards, apply it to the private part. Rinse off with cold water after five minutes.


Most people are unaware of the natural bleaching properties that are in potatoes. Simply cut a slice of potatoes, use it to massage the dark part in a gentle and circular motion. This would help you lighten up the area and improve your skin health.

Other natural remedies that you can explore are egg whites, tomatoes, lemon juice, and even milk. It would help you get your preferred skin color around your private areas without opening you to the dangers of using chemicals.

Final Thoughts

Hygiene around your private areas is important as it can also lighten private parts and also promote good health. The rising need for the bleaching of skin around the private areas is more of a cosmetic need rather than a healthy one. You should get comfortable with your body rather than bleach the skin which can later be harmful to your genital skin. Although natural remedies are less risky, bleaching private areas generally have no medical relevance.

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