MindInsole Review: The Best Insoles for Shoes in the Market?

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Do your feet feel pain after a long day? Standing for too long or walking a lot may cause fatigue signs in feet that may amplify muscle and joint stiffness along with back pain. These issues are annoying enough to affect your mood and prevent you from living an active life. 

However, you don’t need to feel helpless as MindInsole shoe inserts are simple yet effective in providing cushioning and stimulation to your feet.

These shoe inserts work on the basic principles of chakra balance, magnets, and acupuncture. The principle of traditional healing medicine and scientific studies have made it possible to feel relief from pain with these simple shoe soles. Moreover, acupuncture has many benefits as the body responds to tiny needle insertions to stimulate the immune system, modulate pain, and promote blood circulation.


The design of the shoes had strategically placed magnets that work on the massage points to soothe the foot and boost the endurance levels in the body. Besides, the design has open-air channels and moisture-wicking technology to promote cooling of the feet. Some users have claimed to feel like walking on clouds with the relief in chronic foot pain. Let us take a look at the features and benefits of these sole inserts to learn more.

What are the features of MindInsole Inserts?

These may look like simple soles; however, their design is scientifically convincing to relieve you of several issues. The soles have an interactive design from Tradition Chinese medicine, acupuncture, and magnetic energy use. Let’s glance at the features of these soles to understand them better.

  • The shoe inserts contain 8 cooling magnets, which produce gentle magnetic waves. These waves are considered to be healing in nature and provide cooling relaxation to the feet.
  • There are 12 large acupoints to support the arch of the foot and the body’s core.
  • Moreover, these have 120 medium acupoints to provide stimulation to the reflexes.
  • There are 270 small acupoints that promote nutrients for an increase in the blood flow and circulation all over the body.
  • The eight magnets have a strategic placement to ensure they work on significant reflex points for pain relief. They also act as massaging pieces when you walk and do your daily activities.
  • These soles have an airflow design that prevents the feet from getting sweaty. Moreover, it helps absorb moisture into the body along with ample aeration for freshness throughout the day.
  • The soles are customizable and can fit men shoe size 6 to 12, and women shoe size 7 to 12.

How do the MindInsole Shoe Inserts work?

MindInsole shoe inserts provide the required cushioning and support to the feet all through the day. Every step you take while walking has a massaging effect over the 400 massage points. Moreover, these soles prevent the discomfort that may be because of too much walking. You may also feel relief in pain with the additional blood circulation.

These reflexology insoles use the twelve acupoints to ensure the arch of your foot is comfortable and free from pain. The strategic placement of 120 medium and 270 small acupoints soothes the foot muscles and cushion them from any impact. Besides, tiny acupoints are the most effective in improving blood circulation.

Additionally, the cooling magnets in the soles may come in handy for those who sweat a lot. The soothing support of these magnets will keep your feet fresh and clean all day. Another way these inserts work is through the chakra balance in the body. These help in the proper alignment of all the chakras to let the energy flow better. This prevents any stagnation of the energy that may lead to mental and physical health issues.

The upper acupoint of the soles works in the right position to activate and balance the personal power chakra. Moreover, the body function chakra balances with the help of arch acupoints. The acupoints in the middle healing activate the energy chakras. Your fitness and energy levels, endurance, and mood will significantly improve with these soles. The muscles may feel stronger with this energy balance along with the release of the toxins.

What are the benefits of wearing MindInsole inserts?

Before you make a purchase, it is ideal to go through their benefits and understand how they may help you. Besides, these benefits will help you know how effective these simple soles are with the power of acupuncture.

  • Pain alleviation: A person who spends long hours standing on foot may benefit from these soles as they help in alleviating soreness in the muscles. These aid in reducing the inflammation that may travel up to the legs and cause more chronic pain. The swelling in the feet and stiffness will subside with the use of these inserts. Moreover, they work on acupuncture points to remove signs of fatigue and pain from the feet and prevent any more pain in the future. The heel, arch, and core will also feel at ease with these comforting soles.
  • Reduction in stress: The massaging effect of the soles will make you feel relaxed and give your feet a soft cushion while walking. You will feel less stressed throughout the day as you walk in these shoe inserts.
  • Boost your overall energy: It is an obvious situation to feel tired after a long day and feel low on energy. But with the MindInsole inserts, you don’t need to worry about feeling tired, as these will boost your energy levels. Since the soles use magnetic therapy and stimulation, your body will feel these waves of energy to spend the day with more enthusiasm.
  • Release of toxins: These soles help release toxins from the body by hitting on several acupoints at the same time. Moreover, they also help in managing specific medical ailments and motivate you to stay active.
  • Say goodbye to chronic back pain: As all the muscles in the body are connected in some ways, your painful feet may be responsible for your back pain. The cushioning and medical functions behind the design of these shoe inserts help reduce stiff joints in the body and relieve any back pain.


Each user will see a variation in the effects of these soles, although they work similarly for most people. We’ve listed below all the pros and cons of these soles so you can make an informed decision.


  • These soles are very adjustable and can be cut to fit any type of shoes and sandals.
  • You won’t even feel like you’re wearing them as these are quite light in weight and texture.
  • The massaging effect will help with stress relief.
  • These soles are very easy to clean and maintain with lukewarm water and dish soap.
  • There is ample airflow within the design of the soles.
  • The channels in the soles will keep your feet cool and dry while preventing excessive sweating.
  • You will see a reduction in the soreness in your feet.
  • These soles also prevent any wear and tear on the feet due to walking and running.
  • Your overall health and energy levels will improve with regular use.
  • The blood circulation in the feet and legs will improve with acupuncture.


  • You may find similar features in other sole inserts.
  • These are only available online.
  • You may require more than one pair to fit a different style of shoes.
  • It may take a few days or weeks to feel comfortable walking in these soles.
  • You may need to trim them to your size, which may not be functional for all.
  • Although acupuncture and magnet therapy work, these soles lack in-depth research.

How to alter the shoe inserts as per your foot size?

These soles come in a one-size design customized to fit several sizes for both men and women. You need some craft paper, a pair of sharp scissors, and a marker to ensure these fit you perfectly. To do this with accuracy, remove the sole of the shoes that you currently wear and find them comfortable in size. 

After removing it, place it on the top of these soles and trace the outline using the market as close as possible. Also, these soles have marked guidelines to follow, or you may customize these to the perfect fit by following this method.

Now, carefully use the scissors to cut along the traced lines. Make sure you stay close to the line but not cut over them as it may affect the sole size. Also, make clean cuts to prevent the sole from damaging. Your shoe insert is all ready to fit into your shoes and provide you with the ultimate comfort.

Where can you get a pair of these soles?

You can place an order for these inserts from the MindInsole official website, which also offers some great discounts on the purchase. If you order multiple sole inserts, you will end up saving more money. These soles come at a 30-days money-back guarantee or replacement for the used ones in case you are not satisfied. Therefore, it is a safe investment for better pain-free health without any worries.

What more you may expect from these shoe inserts?

You may go through testimonials and reviews to understand how life-changing these soles are for a few users. Also, you do not need to worry about picking the wrong size as these come in a customizable size for men and women. These soles contain the most acupoints in comparison to other such products. The specific massaging the stimulation of the acupoints in the feet is exceptionally effective in providing comfort and reducing pressure.

Moreover, these provide you relief from overheating and sweating with powerful magnetic energy. Wearing tight shoes at a stretch of long hours may affect your posture, foot, joints, and back. These soles help in positioning your body better while walking. Other than that, the MindInsole inserts are comfortable and practical for all users within a single use. So, you can see how useful these inserts are.

Moreover, there are no side effects or negative impacts of these soles as they combine science, medicine, and Ayurveda to boost your health from within. Also, you may come across some critics calling the magnetic effects placebo effects without any proof. 

However, these shoe inserts have several positive impacts to prove it is more than just a placebo. Over regular use, people have claimed these shoes to be effective in conditions such as neuropathy, osteoporosis, and osteoarthritis.

Why should you use the MindInsole Shoe Inserts?

If you experience pain, fatigue, discomfort, and low energy throughout the day, it may be due to your sore feet. The MindInsole shoe inserts are ideal for people who stand on their feet to do daily chores at home or who have work requirements to stand all day. Any chronic pain may be responsible for letting you have fun or be in a good mood.

These soles use magnetic therapy and acupuncture therapy to let out the toxins and massage the acupoints. Besides, the concept of acupuncture has been in the Traditional Chinese Medicine practice, which has benefitted many over the years. These are non-invasive and do not require any extra effort other than just inserting them into your shoes. So, by being proactive about your conditions, you may benefit from these inserts.

Final Words

The feeling of chronic pain in the legs, stiff joints, backache, and fatigue may have a solution in the form of MindInsole shoe inserts. Moreover, these will improve the quality of your life if your work requires you to stand all day. A simple workout will become more comfortable with these soles if your feet are the reason behind the low performance. With the combination of traditional practices and innovation, you may benefit from the acupuncture massage.

We recommend these MindInsole inserts to feel the soothing action while walking and running, along with relief on pressure points at several places. Also, the stimulating effect of the soles will make you feel more productive and happier without succumbing to any chronic body pains. Therefore, your mind and body will feel more comforting and freeing with the acute pain relief backed up by scientific studies.

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