Testogen Review: The Best Testosterone Booster in the Market?

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The generic traits of human masculinity are simple. Anyone with an attractive body, wide shoulders, tight muscles and excellent performance in both the gym and the bed is considered as an ideal masculine man. This is what most women desire from their mates in their wildest dreams.

Are your workout sessions failing to fulfil your expectations? Do you feel embarrassed with your physique and want to have a muscular torso? Well, we have a great product suggestion for you to save you from this self-consciousness.

Naturally, men, all over the world, wish to look attractive in women’s eyes. However, not everyone is lucky with their natural testosterone levels which makes this transformation possible. This is where Testogen, a super-effective testosterone booster, comes into play.

What is Testogen?

From the house of British Stimulife Corp Wolfson Berg Ltd, Testogen is considered one of the best natural testosterone boosters on the market. After serving the Britons for over half a decade, Wolfson Berg now expanded their business to North America. Within a short span of time, they have made a name for themselves.

In their FDA-approved facility in downtown Manchester, Wolfson Berg has formulated this awesome product called Testogen. It took them months of research and development to come up with a testosterone producer made of 100% organic ingredients.

There are lots of testosterone boosters available in the market. Only a handful of them is made from natural substances. This attribute of Testogen makes it a popular choice among its competitors.

Testogen - Natural Testosterone Booster

Testogen is filled with ZMA, a natural mineral supplement made up of Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin B6. Research in 2010 showed football players had a 32% increase in testosterone level after 8-weeks of ZMA consumption.

On the outer shell, Testogen looks really impressive. Wait till we analyze all the ingredients separately. That will show you a complete picture of Testogen’s effectiveness.

What does Testogen do to our body?

Testogen has combined a bunch of testosterone raising elements into small pills. Anyone between 25-70 can garner the benefits of it. It’s a good replacement for hormone therapy at a marginal cost.

Testosterone is the building block of internal strength. From developing muscles to increasing stamina, a high level of testosterone can benefit our body in many ways. Professional bodybuilders take testosterone injections to maintain a proper testosterone level that helps them get bigger.

Testosterone injections are highly-effective but at a cost. Apart from the premium pricing, these injections also cause severe side effects. It can lead to issues like acne, skin rash, nausea and excess hair growth.

On the other hand, Testogen uses natural elements that won’t cause any long-lasting adverse effects on your body. It also limits your doctor’s chamber visit as Testogen is a non-prescribed supplement.

However, only taking a regular dosage of Testogen won’t do the trick. You have to maintain a healthy lifestyle, as well. Having a controlled and nutritious diet, along with regular physical activity, is a must to enhance Testogen’s effect.

Early signs of testosterone deficit

Most people can’t figure out the ongoing testosterone deficit in their bodies. This causes a massive delay in treatment. Early detection of the issue can improve the chances of correcting hormone production.

Here’s a couple of early signs that signify declining testosterone production.

  • Weaker muscle recovery
  • Softer erections
  • Persistent fatigue
  • Sudden hair loss
  • Diminishing sexual desires
  • Increase in body fat

If you have one or multiple similar situations with your body, do not ignore those. Get your testosterone level checked and if any deficiency is found, start the treatment as soon as possible. Get rid of the complications before it grows to an irreversible state. Now take a look at the pros and cons of treating testosterone deficiency with Testogen.


  • Made from Organic Substances: Each and every ingredient of Testogen is 100% derived from nature. This phenomenon keeps down the side effects to an absolute minimum level
  • Improves Libido: Middle-edged men suffering from a lack of sexual desires can resolve this issue with the help of Testogen. It improves your sexual drives with a few doses only.
  • Pushes Stamina: Testosterone secretion is the driving force behind your energy to build muscles. Testogen does that job pretty quickly.
  • Reduces Body Fat: Testogen helps you to burn excess fats stored in your body.
  • Complementary Nutrition Guide: Every pack of Testogen comes with a super-useful training guide that provides a lot of information regarding nutritious food habits and active workout schedules.


  • Taking pills in Regular Interval: When you start treating your hormone levels with Testogen, you have to take four pills a day which can be an inconvenience for some people.
  • A bit Expensive: Good products don’t come cheap and cheap products don’t work well. Testogen, being a market leader in its segment, also doesn’t come at a super-affordable price.

So, these are a few upsides and downsides of Testogen. Now let’s check out the ingredients that made this pill possible.

Ingredients of Testogen

Knowing the ingredients of your supplements is a must. You should be well aware of what you are consuming. Here are all 8 natural ingredients that make Testogen possible.

  • D-Aspartic Acid: A study showed D-Aspartic Acid boosts Luteinizing hormone production. And, Luteinizing hormones give us the ability to reproduce. Without this, you will lack sexual drive and may face a softer erection.

    Despite being a natural energy booster, DAA is not synthesized by our body. So, taking it orally is a good idea to protect your family jewels from becoming incompetent.
  • ZMA: ZMA or Zinc, Magnesium Aspartate and Vitamin B6 is essential substance that upgrades the production of several enzymes in our body. Zinc reverses a condition called Hypogonadism. Magnesium improves biochemical reaction functioning. And, Vitamin B6 boosts Serotonin production.
  • Fenugreek: Fenugreek is an ayurvedic herb that helps you to lower your total body fat. It also improves Testosterone levels, thus making your libido stronger. This natural herb is also known for inducing strength and stamina, which can better your gym performance.
  • Vitamin D: We all know how vital is Vitamin D for our body, especially for the bones. But, what we don’t know is Vitamin D3 can reduce testosterone deficiency. A study related to Vitamin D’s effects found out that Vitamin D3 can surge testosterone levels up to 25%.
  • Red Ginseng: The extract from Red Ginseng, a Chinese herb, is another very useful ingredient within Testogen. It is said that Red Ginseng or Panax Ginseng helps our body in multiple different ways. Some of the benefits include better cardiovascular capability, improved sex desires and immunity-boosting capability.
  • Stinging Nettle Extract: Stinging Nettle, as the name suggests, can sting you if you try to eat it in its natural form. However, you don’t face any such hazards when you consume them through Testogen. It’s very helpful in reducing inflammation. As an immediate result, you will feel much healthier from the inside.
  • Boron: Veggies like spinach and broccoli contain boron in them. Those are the natural sources of boron in our bodies. Boron fastens the testosterone production process to some extent. As little as 10mg boron can increase testosterone secretion by 29%.
  • Bioperine: Bioperine is a proven element to quicken nutrient absorption by up to two times. With Testogen, you will be taking a multitude of ingredients. If you can not absorb those properly, there’s no point in taking supplements. Bioperine ensures your body absorbs all the components of Testogen.

Benefits of Testogen

By analyzing the helpfulness of the ingredients, it can be emphatically said that Testogen helps you build a well-shaped and healthy body. However, there’s one thing you should always keep in mind. Testogen loses its effectiveness if you keep on eating unhealthy foods and continue living a boundless life.

Here are some of the benefits of taking Testogen four times a day:

  • Improves your Sleep Cycle: Adequate and moderate sleep is very important in our daily life. It keeps us energetic throughout the day and enhances our efficiency. Lack of sleep causes many problems in our body and mind. Low testosterone secretion can sometimes lead to sleep deprivation, which you can get rid of by taking regular Testogen.
  • Quick Burning of Unwanted Body Fat: Unnecessary body fats not only make you look bad but also can cause several damages to your anatomy. Sometimes, even after a lot of effort, we can’t keep it in check. In this case, Testogen helps us reduce unwanted mass. Usually, high testosterone secretion keeps on pumping energy for which the stored fat is burned.
  • Increase in Eroticism: Testerone hormone is directly linked to a man’s sexual drive. Inflated testosterone secretion will improve your sex life more than ever. Not only you will be up for a round anytime, but you also will last longer during intercourses.
  • Sudden Increase in Energy Level: If you feel tired and sleepy all day, it may be due to lack of testosterone. This issue can easily be overcome with the help of Testogen. Studies have shown, those who use Testogen are much more energetic than others.
  • Creates a Masculine Body: Testosterone increases the capability of protein synthesis in the human body. When you combine a nutritious diet with Testogen pills, your body will get loads of energy from increased capacity protein synthesis. Thus, the role of Testogen in building a well-organized body is undeniable.

All of us remain aware of the fact that Testogen is a natural form of testosterone and is known widely to be used as an energy booster supplement for men. Here are some usage, dosage and side effect tips of Testogen.

Usage and Dosage of Testogen

Testogen is used to vitalize focus, mood and energy within a few days of intake. It is also said that Testogen provides the male community with ample amounts of sexual stamina and energy, concluded in a word as libido.
It shows proven effects to aid with fat burning and to get a chiselled body along with the building of leaner muscles.

As far as dosage is considered, every bottle contains 120 pills and consumption of 4 capsules daily is recommended to yield maximum results. In case you’re taking any other medications, consult your doctor.

For people who are below the age of 18, the use of Testogen should be avoided irrespective of the occurrence of any symptom.

Side Effects of Testogen

In situations of any overdosage of the pills (above the recommended levels), side effects like:

  • mild stomach pain accompanied with a nauseated feeling
  • difficulty sleeping
  • cramping
  • constipation
  • diarrhoea and excitation

In any general case, it is absolutely safe to consume Testogen. However, you might experience small episodes of headache, which is completely normal.

Apart from this, some potential side effects include:

  • Hair loss
  • Testicular atrophy and
  • Increased aggression

We’ve seen people taking Testogen for years and still living a completely happy life. It all depends on your food habits and energy burns.

Final Verdict

Testogen is a safe-to-use testosterone booster that helps you to get over your insecurities. Unlike most readily-available testosterone boosters, Testogen limits the side effects thanks to naturally extracted minerals.

However, it is no replacement for proper workouts. If you think your muscles will get leaner just by taking Testogen, you can’t be more wrong. Testogen gives you additional energy to last longer in gyms and as well as in beds. Ultimately it’s you who can make proper use of the excess energy by following a strict workout schedule.

Also, with the 100-day money-back assurance, Testogen subscription is a risk-free deal. If you feel little use of the product, you can walk out any moment in the next three months without wasting any bucks. With this, we’re concluding the blog here. Keep following us for more informative health tips.

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